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The Magcubic Projector HY300 PRO offers 4K resolution and Android 11 compatibility

The Magcubic Projector HY300 PRO offers 4K resolution and Android 11 compatibility

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The Magcubic Projector HY300 PRO offers 4K resolution and Android 11 compatibility, along with Dual Wifi6 for high-speed internet connectivity. With its powerful Allwinner H713 chip and BT5.0 technology, enjoy crystal-clear 1080P and 1280*720P projections for an immersive home cinema experience. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Elevate your movie nights and special moments with the Magcubic Projector HY300 PRO. Boasting 4K quality, Android 11 operating system, and dual Wifi6 compatibility, this projector delivers stunning visuals and seamless connectivity. With 260 ANSI brightness, Allwinner H713 chipset, and BT5.0, enjoy crisp and clear images in 1080P or 1280*720P resolution for the ultimate home cinema experience. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

The Magcubic Projector HY300 PRO offers an immersive viewing experience with its 4K resolution and dual Wifi6 capabilities. With 260 ANSI lumens and Allwinner H713, it delivers stunning image quality for a true home cinema experience. Its advanced BT5.0 technology ensures a smooth connection and its compact design makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Introducing the Magcubic Projector HY300 PRO with 4K resolution and Android 11 compatibility. Enjoy crystal-clear images and seamless streaming with 180 spin rotation. Upgrade your home entertainment experience now.


Elevate your home entertainment experience with The Magcubic Projector HY300 PRO. Boasting stunning 4K resolution and Android 11 compatibility, this projector brings movies, shows, and games to life like never before. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear visuals and seamless streaming from your favorite apps, all powered by the latest technology. With its versatile functionality, easy setup, and sleek design, The Magcubic Projector HY300 PRO is the perfect addition to any home theater setup, offering endless hours of entertainment for you and your loved ones. Say hello to immersive, high-quality entertainment and make every viewing experience unforgettable with The Magcubic Projector HY300 PRO.


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